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Collision Repair

Being involved in an accident can be a confusing time. If you've never gone through it before knowing who to contact and how to handle the insurance can cause a lot of stress. Dent Specialists is here to help! We work with all insurance companies.  We repair/replace body panels and paint on site. 

Oil Change and Service

We primarily use a parasynthetic oil which is a blend of the best characteristics of pure and synthetic oil.  We also have full synthetic oil as required by some newer vehicles and use trusted NAPA filters.  Prefer using your own oil/filter?  No problem at Dent Specialists.  While your vehicle is in we check belts/hoses and fluids and top off your windshield fluid. 

Windshield Repair and Replacement

If you have comprehensive insurance your chip/crack should be covered.  Save the cost of a new windshield with our windshield repair.  We can repair laminated glass, damage up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter and cracks up to six inches long.  The repairs will keep the damage from spreading and can be done quickly and easily.  We also replace windshields in house and typically can have your glass here next day. 

Tire Repair and Sales

We have the knowledge and skill to repair flat tires and get you rolling again.  Tire mounting and balancing available.  We also sell tires for cars, trucks and heavy duty equipment including AG applications.  Our TPMS tool allows us to re-learn and reset TPMS sensors used in many tires. 

Tire Alignment

Are your tires wearing unevenly?  Car pulling to one side of the road?  It may be time to have your vehicle aligned.  We have the equipment to get you rolling straight and extend the life of your tires. 

Brake Service

Is your steering wheel wobbling when you hit the brakes?  Fluctuations in temperature and weather can cause rotors to warp and we can fix that.  Squeaky brakes are a sign that your pads are depleted or will be soon.  Stop down and see us for a quote on servicing your brakes.